Suspended Ceiling

A quick and economical solution to provide a new, flexible ceiling, these suspended ceiling systems are constructed from a lightweight metal grid (exposed or concealed), suspended from the soffit above at the desired height with a series of ceiling tiles laid, or clipped into position.
The void between the soffit and the suspended ceiling can be used to run services, e.g. electrical wiring, air-conditioning pipe work, ductwork, sprinkler systems, water and gas pipes, data carriers etc. The suspended ceiling will offer opportunities to be creative with the lighting layout and can accommodate concealed or flush fittings giving a clean uninterrupted appearance. Suspended Ceiling tiles are available from a smooth, plain finish through to those offering complex and intricate patterns. A mixture can also be arranged in such a way to provide unique patterns throughout a given area. The ceiling surface itself can comprise of tiles, planks or open cell modules in a variety of materials. This results in a wide range of surface textures, finishes and technical properties to meet individual needs or requirements.
Ceiling tiles can be chosen to achieve the required levels of sound reduction/absorption, fire resistance, impact resistance, moisture resistance and stability as required in all normal types of buildings. Our Contract Manager will provide help and advice and guide you through the selection of the specific ceiling tile which best suits your needs in terms of aesthetics and budget, also taking into account sound absorption and humidity.
Phoenix specialise in the following systems:
  • Exposed grid
  • Metal frame
  • Concealed grid systems
  • Metal pan
  • Open cell
  • M.F Ceilings
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