Large Office Area Install Science Laboratory Install Long Corridor Install Ceiling Detail Large Area Office Install Car Showroom Detail

Large Office Area Install

installing the lighting systems

Science Laboratory Install

with Air Conditioning

Long Corridor Install

with Blinds and Carpet

Ceiling Detail

close up detail view

Large Area Office Install

Car Showroom Detail

one of our largeest install to date

Partitioning Solutions

Phoenix Partitioning offers an ideal solution to creating offices, meeting rooms, staff dining, toilets, kitchens and any other areas that might need attention. We will help you make the most effective use of your space, whilst creating a professional, practical and attractive working environment tailored to your exact requirements.

We can customised projects according to the individual design and parameters including: glazed partitions, wall coverings, veneered solid panels and framework, shelving, integral blinds, patterned glass and high quality veneered doors, skirting, door furniture, glazing and carpets all to optimise your finished project.

Our extensive range of internal office partitioning specifications can be supplied and installed to suit all applications and budget, including the modification and refitting of many existing office partitioning systems. It is the quickest and most cost-effective method of achieving office space that works for you.

Not only can it solve your fire proofing, insulation and sound proofing issues, it also helps you make the most of your space whilst creating a professional, practical and attractive working environment.

Our expertise in partitioning includes:

  • Demountable/Relocatable Partitions
  • Silicone Jointed Glass Partitions
  • Encasements
  • Replacement
  • Enclosure Units
  • Curved Partitions
  • Real Wood Partitions
  • Metal Stud Partitioning/Dry Lining
  • Wall lining/Dot and Dab/Cladding
  • Jumbo Stud
  • Mesh Partition
  • Steel Partitioning
  • Single Skin
  • Double Skin
  • Fire Protection

Steel Partitioning

Steel or mesh partitioning can provide secure protection and storage. Single skin steel partitions come in a choice of sections: all steel, steel/mesh, all mesh, steel/glass, and steel/glass/steel. The panels bolt together and are stabilised by the floor tracking, top capping and mullion support. Doors are available as sliding, hinged, drop down or hatched, all complete with handles, and can be either steel of timber.

Double skin partitioning are flush both sides and are suitable for casting offices and clean rooms. Panel sections are of monobloc construction with two steel skins separated by an insulating infill. Panels sections are available in combinations of steel and glass and in a number of different heights. There are also options for fire rated panels.

Double and single skin partitioning and trim components come in a range of standard colours including powder coated. Non-standard and corporate colours are also available to order.

Demountable / Relocation Partitions

This is an advanced, highest quality partitioning system to meet the requirements of any project and purpose, from sound or vision screening to the most complex specifications. These partitions are built using aluminum extruded components to form the framework and composite plasterboard panels which slot into position. Enclosures can be constructed quickly with a minimum of disruption to your working environment and be finished in a variety of colours or coverings to achieve the desired look required.

These office partitioning systems are designed so that they can be easily demounted and re-located to a new format using a minimum of new materials. Very cost effective for every growing or changing offices.

Metal Stud & Plasterboard Partitions / Dry lining

Used to achieve required levels of sound reduction/absorption, fire resistance, impact resistance moisture resistance and stability as required in all normal types of buildings. It is extremely versatile cost-effective and suitable for all types of commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational buildings as well as residential developments. Dry-lining allows you to create a smooth wall effect even in commercial environments with a void for cables and pipe-work.

Built from an internal metal stud and track framework and faced on either side with one or more layers of plasterboard, fireline board, laminate boards or other specialised boards as needed.

The finish of the partition can either have a paneled effect with decorative aluminum cover strips or a flat wall appearance where the panel joints are taped, filled and then decorated with either paint or vinyl wall coverings

Wall lining/ dot and dab / cladding

An effective solutions for the installation of wallboard to brick, block and concrete walls and suitable for all building types.

Encasements/ Decorative Bulkheads

This high quality cladding systems provides fire protection to structural steel. It offers protection to virtually all forms of steelwork and can be used in all types of commercial and industrial buildings. Decorative bulkheads add a design feature to all environments and is created on site to any requirement. Adding lighting to these can be used to designate certain areas such as reception desks or boardroom tables.

Silicone Jointed Glass Partitions

An increasingly popular system of creating a stunning effect of glass, walls and doors. The benefits of this partition include quick erection with the minimum of disruption with the maximum of effect.

Real Wood Partitions

For that sophisticated image look no further than the real wood system, ideal for Boardroom or Executive Environments.

Enclosure units

Lightweight, versatile systems for internal applications. Typically used within industrial buildings to provide additional enclosed space.